QuoterPlan 3.0.14 Quoter Plan [windows]

 QuoterPlan 3.0.14 Quoter Plan [windows] 

 QuoterPlan 3.0.14 Quoter Plan [windows]

Application information:

- Release Date: January 2020
- Developer: Quoter Inc Software
- System: Windows 10
- language: French 

Summary :

Say hello to Quoter Plan!
The fruit of close collaboration with our user-clients, Quoter Plan is the measurement software which is essential for a measurement on plan at the same time simple, fast and precise.

    Measure your plans directly on the screen with the mouse.
    No need for an expensive digitizing table!
    Using our estimation extensions, obtain the quantities required for different types of works (roofing, concrete, paint, insulation, gypsum and plaster, floor covering, exterior cladding, wood frame, etc.) .
    Export the collected data to Microsoft Excel,
    quote software or the program of your choice.
    Allows you to make your measurements both in metric and in English (imperial) system.
    No mountains of paper, costly printing of plans and round trips to the print shop.
    No incompatible scale.
    Save time, money and space.

Who is Quoter Plan for?
Need to calculate areas, lengths, volumes or quantities from a plan? Quoter Plan is for you! Quoter Plan, the measurement software designed and designed for all building professionals, whatever the profession.

    General contractors, building supervisors.
    Electricians, plumbers, painters, masons, roofers.
    Construction economists and estimators.
    Finishing installers, structural fitters, formworkers.
    Merchants and suppliers of materials.
    Floor coverings, suspended ceilings, concrete, insulation.
    Ventilation, mechanical insulation, energy expertise.
    Doors and windows, exterior cladding.
    Infrastructures, roads, paving, landscapers.
    ...and more !
    Perfectly suited to all plans: Commercial, Industrial, Mechanical, Institutional or Residential.

Installation info:

(1) Install QuoterPlan-3.0.14.fr.exe
(2) Replace the QuoterPlan.exe and client.wyc files in the installation folder with the files in the "3.0.14" folder
(3) Take advantage of the software in version 3.0.14

Don't worry, updates are disabled!

Upload info:

- Supported OS: Windows 10
- number of files: 3
- upload weight: 38 MB

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