Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.2.13 + Packs de Styles 01 [windows]

Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.2.13 + Packs de Styles 01 [windows]

- Language: Multi (French Included)
- Serial: Keygen
- Number of Files: 118
- Total Weight: 213 MB


Capture One is a RAW editor that is one of the real alternatives
solutions like Lightroom for many professionals.
If there are indeed many common features,
the software is known to do better in certain rather pointed fields.
New, simpler interface
The Capture One interface is very complete and professional, but above all completely customizable.
The large amount of tools is paid for by a slightly confusing interface when you start,
but with a very coherent logic once you have learned to handle it.
Phase One decided to make it simpler, especially for those who are starting out.
The different tools can therefore be moved more easily,
and even be bookmarked for faster access.
If users of previous versions can find it easily,
new users will have (slightly) reduced learning time.
Overall, the interface continues to improve and simplify version after version.
Improved color editor
One of the well-known strengths of Capture One is its comprehensive color management system.
This is one of the things that stand out in the software,
and which alone has convinced many photographers to choose this software.
We will therefore find the color wheel so much appreciated by users,
and its multiple settings, but not only.
The basic color editor is therefore entitled to an update.
We go from 6 to 8 ranges of colors that can be changed individually,
all in a simplified and more compact interface.
We can thus work on a specific color selected in the image
and modify the 3 hue, saturation and brightness sliders.
Another small change, very useful too, the bars on which we move the cursor
show the exact color gradient that we will get in his image.
So we are less groping, and we can immediately imagine the desired color rendering.
And of course, we find the advanced color editor, and the skin tone editor,
so appreciated by portrait painters.
But the most important is that this color management is now usable on layers.
What give much more flexibility and precision to your adjustments.
New crop tool
Cropping is not the central function on which to differentiate an editing suite.
Yet, it’s one of the most used basic functions when editing photos.
The new crop tool has therefore been improved to be easier to use and more relevant.
Not only is it easier than ever to crop, thanks to customizable handles
which can appear either all the time or before cropping is done.
You can directly view the dimensions of your crop, and access to ratios is simplified.
More difficult to describe than to use, this tool is very intuitive to use, a pleasure to use,
and certainly the best cropping tool on the market.
New noise reduction algorithm
According to Phase One, the noise reduction tool has been completely redesigned.
It is presented by Phase One as the best on the market.
It is particularly customizable, since noise reduction now adapts automatically
to the ISO values ​​of the photo taken, as well as to your camera.
Noise reduction will therefore automatically adapt to the characteristics of your image.
The cursor is now able to go from -100 to +100 and not from 0 to 100 as before, providing more latitude.
The strong point of this reduction seems to be the ability to preserve the colors as well as the details,
even for very high ISO values.
The results are clearly optimized compared to previous versions.
Even if at this level, you will have to zoom to 100% to see it, the results are excellent.
Several beta testers who have compared Lightroom with Capture One Pro 20 see better results on Capture One.
And this as well on noise reduction as on the preservation of details and colors.
Improvement of the High Dynamic Range tool
This tool which corrects the dynamic range of your image has been updated.
Two sliders for black and white are indeed added, and allow to improve the contrast of the image.
We therefore find the same tool globally as that available in Lightroom.
But the tool also seems to have been improved overall.
The latitude for recovering shadows and highlights, while preserving the original colors
clearly positions Capture One 20 above the competition.
The test on a few RAW files from different devices was unequivocal as to the amazing capacity
software recovery, especially in the darkest areas.
Copy of layers and masks between different photos
Version 20 now allows you to copy one or more layers

Compatible Applications:

Standalone (x64-bit only)


Windows 7 SP1 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x64-bit only)
Intel Core i5 or higher
Open GL 3.3 or higher graphics card
GPU RAM: 1 GB or more

RAM: 8 GB or more


Cut your internet connection
Uninstall the old version

Install "Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.2.13.exe" as administrator
(Right Click -> Run as administrator)
Launch Capture One Pro ...

Launch "KeyGen.exe"
as administrator
(Right Click -> Run as administrator)

For activation, see "Tuto Activation.jpg"

Add the following line to the "hosts" file found in:
C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \

Or use "Block Program in Windows.bat Hosts"

Block "CaptureOne.exe" and "P1.ResourceHub.exe" which is in:
C: \ Program Files \ Phase One \ Capture One 20.0.2 \
With your firewall (incoming and outgoing connection)
Or use "Block Program in Windows.bat Firewall"
(Only for Windows Firewall)

Reconnect internet
PS: Do not update.

Style Packs 01:

See the file "Install or Import Styles.jpg"

Download click here

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