Betternet VPN Proxy v5.3.2 [android]

Betternet VPN Proxy v5.3.2 [android] 

Betternet VPN Proxy v5.3.2 [android]

Application information:

- Publisher: Betternet LLC
- Genre: Tools
- Release Date: December 4, 2019


Betternet VPN is a free and unlimited VPN proxy for Android devices - None
registration is required. Get the free lifetime version with ads or opt
for the Premium version to enjoy unlimited sessions without advertising!

Install Betternet VPN now to enjoy the following benefits:

- Access your favorite applications and websites securely
Navigate safely, while preserving the confidentiality of your mobile activities. And from any country in the world.

- Anonymous login and protection of your private data
By using Betternet VPN, your IP address and location will be changed so that your online activities cannot be tracked or intercepted by hackers. Betternet VPN acts as your online bodyguard, protecting your most precious data better than anyone, including proxy web servers.

- Protect your Android device
Betternet VPN protects your Android device during dangerous connections to public WiFi networks. It works like a free proxy but with a much higher level of security.

Your passwords and personal data are encrypted, secure and protected from malicious hackers.

- Ultra-fast VPN service
Betternet is super fast! It automatically detects your location and connects you to the
nearest and fastest server for maximum efficiency. Thanks to this, your
connection will be much faster than with any other VPN or proxy provider.

- Secure WiFi access points
Public Wi-Fi hotspots unfortunately offer great theft opportunities
information for hackers. Public networks are not secure by default, so it is very easy for them to intercept and steal your private data (passwords, bank information). Hence the importance of protecting your sessions on public Wi-Fi networks.

Betternet VPN proxy uses state-of-the-art data encryption technology, ensuring an HTTPS connection to any website (similar to bank encryption).

Betternet VPN Proxy v5.3.2 [android]

Upload information:

- Format: APK
- System: Android
- Languages: English

MODIFICATION: Premium functions unlocked

- Total size: 15.75 MB

Instructions :

- Transfer the application to smartphone / tablet
- Install the APK file with a file explorer
having activated Unknown Sources in the settings

Download click here

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